Plano i9

There is no limit
In shipping

As long as there is
Ground, sea or sky

We handle it

We ship
We pick up
We install
We store
We organize

We innovate!

From anywhere

To anywhere


Your trusted shipping!

We ship all kinds of goods from Madeira to anywhere in the world and anywhere in the world to Madeira.
We are experts in shipping with many years of experience.
With us, your goods are safe and arrive safely at destination with 100% efficiency!

How it leaves
Is how it arrives

More than a simple shipping company! • Special packaging system
• Special protection for cars and motorcycles
• Total security!
Fast Shipping ?

Fora de formato
Works of art


Express Shipping

If you need to send or receive something urgently, you can rely on our super fast services.
Contact us now to find out the conditions.

We also distribute !

Express Shipping

Your merchandise

We handle the distribution of your merchandise, to you or directly to your customers Now you can have your own easy delivery service. Unaddressed advertising.

Let us

Distribute your advertising
Exactly where you want

We distribute

Unaddressed advertising

If you require a respectful and efficient distribution for your advertising, and in the geographical region that you want, let us know!

A reliable team
1 item per mailbox
Choose the distribution area

We store
As if your documents

We keep what you need, for the time you need

We store any kind of merchandise in our warehouse, or anything that you do not need at the moment, to save your space.

For businesses and shops

We store your goods for as long as you need, with proper identification and security. We can become the storage space that you lack.

For individuals

If you are moving out and need to store your furniture and personal belongings for a while, we provide the space that you need. Or if you just need to store items temporarily, we are your solution.

Storing Documents


We store
Were ours

Document management

If you need to store documents for a specified amount of time but lack the space to do so, you can count on our document management service.
We keep them securely, and they remain available at any given time.

Move out

We keep

Are you thinking
Of moving from here to there

We are
A part
Of your moving

We have an outdoor lift!

We turn your moving into a positive experience For companies

Do you need to change your company's location but can't close for a long time ? Do you need a quick and effective change ? Count on us. We move your business in the blink of an eye.

For individuals

Are you moving out and your life is too much to transport ? We pack everything with the same care you would, and take it to your new home! Move houses without taking the weight of your house on your back... talk to us!

We turn
Your shipping
Into an event

And your moving
Into a party

Because we love
What we do
And we know that
We do it well

Talk to us

Caminho da Ribeira Grande 53 C
9020-114 Funchal
Tel. +351 291 930 950
Mob. +351 968 344 800
Fax. +351 291 930 959

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