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We don't just transport, we transport with innovation

With Planoi9, you can transport all kinds of goods from Madeira to anywhere in the world and from anywhere in the world to Madeira. We are a specialist transportation company with several years of experience. Your goods will always be safe, and we guarantee their arrival at the destination with 100% efficiency.

We ensure confidence in transportation

  • Fragile goods;

  • Oversized goods;

  • Vehicles and motorcycles;

  • Seemingly non-transportable goods.

We understand the importance of your goods

We provide effective solutions for complex global supply chains. Here you can find innovation, whether it’s for transporting by sea or air, finding a customized storage solution, or even devising a solution that meets the specific demands of your business activity.


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Safety is our priority. Your cargo arrives at the destination exactly as it left


We guarantee maximum speed. We minimize unexpected events. We respect your deadlines


We are here to communicate with our clients. We always know where your goods are located

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