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for businesses, commerce, and individuals

Planoi9 offers its warehouse for you to store your goods or even your belongings. A service called Stocki9 by Planoi9, where you can have your stock privately, easily accessible, and completely secure.

FOR BUSINESSES AND COMMERCE: We provide storage for your goods for as long as you need, properly identified and protected. We can be the solution for the stock space you lack.

FOR INDIVIDUALS: SIf you are moving and need space to store your furniture, personal items, Planoi9 has the space you need for as long as necessary. A service called STOCKi9, where your stock will be easily accessible, private, and totally secure.

We ensure total security in storage

  • Business Merchandise;

  • Furniture and Personal Belongings;

  • Commercial Goods;

  • Documents and Files.

We understand the importance of your goods

We provide effective solutions for complex global supply chains. We have innovation, whether it’s for transporting by sea or air, finding a customized storage solution, or even devising a solution that meets the specific demands of your particular activity.


At Planoi9, we also offer Document Management, a service aimed at securely storing all your documents and allowing you to access them easily at any time.

Now you no longer need to occupy your space with countless documents and files. Trust Planoi9 and optimize your space.. 


Safety is our priority. Your cargo arrives at the destination exactly as it left


We guarantee maximum speed. We minimize unexpected events. We respect your deadlines


We are here to communicate with our clients. We always know where your goods are located

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